Thursday, January 31, 2008

Impending Doom? Or a Couple Flakes?

Whenever winter storms get hyped up (like this one), they usually seem to falter. But whenever I have a gut instinct that a storm will falter, it usually ends up being a horrible, nasty storm.

So... who knows. I like snow, but I don't like driving in it (and I need to come into work tomorrow unless there is like a state of emergency) and the snow/ice combination they are calling for would mean no Gearry :( When the weather is bad, he spends the night at the resort.

As much as snow is pretty to look at, I would definitely opt for Gearry.

Last night Gearry and I enjoyed going to see "National Treasure II," which was about as unrealistic as it gets but still a good, very entertaining movie (hey, it's Disney). You have to just suspend all belief and go for it. Afterwards we took in a late dinner at Scotty's Brewhouse, which I was surprised to find packed on a Wednesday night at 9:00. But, it was $4 pitcher night, so I guess that makes sense. Who wouldn't be a fan of $4 pitcher night??

Oh yes, the crack, since so many of you have asked: Gearry talked to our HOA president and they have had the same issue in the past, just from the houses settling (they are built up on stilts on the side of a hill that runs down to the lake). So, we'll keep our eye on it, but at this point it is deemed simply cosmetic.

*I can't believe this is my last post for January 2008 already! I'm pretty sure I am going to wake up one morning soon and find myself 50 years old, with a kid graduating college, etc. TIME NEEDS TO SLOOOWWWW DOWN!*

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