Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uggg for January

It seems like January is flying by (I can't believe it is already the 17th!), but at the same time dragging along as slowly as possible each day. Does that make any sense?

Updates on the current situations:

According to my mom, they have decided to keep Shannon in the hospital until the baby is born. They are planning on taking the baby at 35 weeks, and I believe right now she is around 32 weeks? I could be wrong on that, but it is a rough guesstimate. Her blood pressure keeps going up and down, and there are some other issues. If she gets better they may be able to move her to a hospital closer to where she and her husband live, but for now she is still in Seattle.

Gearry's grandpa had emergency surgery last week on his heart. He had a pacemaker put in and is recovering pretty nicely. I told him no marathons for at least a month.

Yesterday was Wednesday, of course, also known as Gearry & Stacey Day. It was great. We slept in, watched some TV, read a book, took Bailey for a long walk (and picked out our next house ;) and then headed to town for dinner (La Charreada... amazing, as usual) and a movie. We saw "Juno" and both thought it was great. A little sad at times, but really funny. Except for the fact that it made me have a very realistic dream last night in which I was pregnant (scary!), it was a really solid movie.

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