Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I Love About Wednesdays

Wednesdays are, of course, the favorite day of the week for both Gearry and me, for obvious reasons. It's wonderful having an entire day for just each other (and Bailey), and making no other commitments.

My favorite part of Wednesdays has become our long walks with Bailey. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place that we can't help but take advantage of our time and enjoy a stroll around the lake and golf course. Bailey loves this, obviously. Good family bonding time :)

Yesterday, our walk was kind of neat because it was the first time I have ever seen Lake Monroe frozen over. Even though I've lived in the area my entire life and have spent many summers on the water, I've never really had a reason to see it in the winter.

Above are Gearry (the big shadowy blob) and Bailey (the little shadowy blob over to the right) on the trail that winds around LaSalle's Woods and the big cove.

Above is a really cool picture I took of the big cove. The ice extends almost all the way out to where the cove meets the main body of the lake. You can see here where the ice and water meet. The reflection of the sun on the ice and water makes it look like moonlight. I wish the picture did it more justice, but it was really beautiful.

Tonight, Mom is coming up after work. The plan is to make homemade pizza and then head to the east side to catch the one-time-only screening of the "Spirit of the Marathon" documentary. Looking forward to it!

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