Monday, January 7, 2008


So, on Thursday I filed all the paperwork for officially switching to a flex schedule, Monday-Thursday, 7-5, instead of Monday-Friday, 8-4. The whole purpose was to have Fridays for Gearry and I to be together.

So Friday was wonderful... we spent pretty much the whole day watching DVDs, eating, napping, and, believe it or not, venturing out to the movie theatre in the evening to catch I Am Legend (pretty good... Gearry was scared of the zombie/dark-seeker things though ;)

And then Saturday Gearry calls from work to let me know that his days off have been changed!! So he no longer has Fridays off.


So today I have to make the decision... stick with Fridays and be home ANOTHER whole day by myself (ala Saturdays and Sundays) and be bored out of my mind and get to see Gearry even less than I did before.

Or be a pain in the butt to my manager and the HR department and see if they can change my Fridays to Wednesdays.


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