Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 8 Years... Dang!

Today marks 8 years since Gearry and I went on our first date... incredible. Eight years? That doesn't even seem possible, but I've stopped trying to understand how time passes so quickly.

We spent Wed., Thrs., & Fri. in Columbus, Ohio visiting Hillary, Chris, hanging out, shopping, and going out to eat. Therefore, staying in tonight seemed most appealing, so Gearry is cooking a tasty dinner and popping open a bottle of wine, and I'm pumped for the IU basketball game and The Hills finale! Haha... yes, I'm serious. We need a chill night, 8 years or not.

Break has been going well so far, although I've kept busy. I'm still helping one of my undergrad professors with research and I've been doing lots of cleaning, organizing, cooking, and shopping... pretty much catching up on everything I neglected this past semester. Oh yes, and sleeping!

It's hard to type because Bailey is passed out in my lap and has his head laying over my right arm. Little guy had a big day... he had a vet appointment this afternoon because of his allergies. He probably didn't mind too much though, because I went through the Starbucks drive-thru on the way and he got a "puppy latte" and then I went through the bank drive-thru and he got a dog treat. And no shots at the vet, so I don't think he would complain too much, if he could.

Heading home to spend a few days with the family tomorrow afternoon... If I don't post again before Christmas, enjoy the holiday and enjoy every moment with your family and friends!