Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beer Ride Pictures

For those of you who are not yet on Facebook, here is a link to the photos I just uploaded of yesterday's Beer Ride in Columbus, Indiana:

Can't Believe It's November!

Had to post this cute picture of Bailey hanging out on the John Deere pillow at Mom and Dad's house today. What a cutie pie! A cutie pie who desperately needs a haircut, but nonetheless a cutie pie. I was glad the puppies and Gearry and I got to see Mom and Dad a bit, but sad that instead of hanging out with them and watching the Colts this afternoon, I spent most of the day working on an assignment for my master's class that is due tomorrow. Only three weeks of class left, however, and then I'll have ample hanging-out-on-the-weekends time, since substituting will mean pretty much no lesson-planning, unless I get a long-term sub job. Working on an assignment or not, it was nice just to see the parents and let Zoey run around their land off leash, since she doesn't get to do that often up here.