Friday, July 31, 2009

Puppy Photo Shoot!

The puppies are ALWAYS cute, in my opinion, but there was something about them today that just made them extra cute, and they were being excellent models, so one photo turned into two which turned into three and then suddenly I had a puppy photo shoot on my hands! For those of you who are not on Facebook, I thought I'd post some of the pictures. Hope they bring a smile to your face!

The Chase

Last day of July. In honor, I took this video while laying out by the lake today. I read my entire new issue of the Vegetarian Times, got some sun, and went for a dip. It was so beautiful, I couldn't resist capturing a bit of it, although my cell phone camcorder is a bit fuzzy.

August... dreaded. For many, it is a gateway to fall and a last warm-weather hoorah, but for me it simply means back to school, days shortening minute by minute, the beginning of harried schedules, a day-planner so chocked full there is no where else to write, and COLD months approaching too quickly (Have I mentioned on here 2, 3, 4,000 times that I hate the cold?). Yes, that is pessimistic, but that's how I feel. And the great thing about blogs is you get to say how you feel ;) My mood tends to dip starting about this time, not to pick back up until next May. I am OK in August, somewhat pleasant in September, can be dealt with in October & November, survive December due to the pleasantness of the holidays, become a royal witch in January & February, start to come out of things in March, lighten up more in April, and finally return to my old self for May, June, & July. 3 months a year is no way to live... I definitely need to relocate somewhere with year-round warmth. Until then, I will TRY to be optimistic. Fall has beautiful colors, I love wearing jeans and hoodies and cute scarves and pea coats, I am obsessed with football, it is cool enough to run during the middle of the day, the holidays mean time with family I don't get to see often enough, and the first snow fall of the year really is pretty. See, I'm not entirely a cool/cold-months party pooper!

I meet with my supervising teacher for student teaching next Wednesday to help set up the classroom, meet some people, etc., and then my first real day is Monday, August 10th (two days of meetings... Students' first day is August 12th). Even though I am NOT excited about the two classes I have to take on Monday evenings on campus (a practicum seminar and a research seminar), I AM excited -- although extremely nervous -- to start student teaching and to hopefully learn a ton from my supervising teacher and my experiences this fall. I will student teach full-time from August 10th through Thanksgiving break and then... I'm DONE. If I passed the Praxis II and don't completely screw up my student teaching, I will have my teaching license in December and be officially unemployed ;) No worries, though. I am fully committed to substitute teaching & networking for however long it takes. Most in my program who want to teach in the Monroe County area end up substitute teaching for about a year and a half (some longer, some shorter... the graduate program has a really good reputation, but so much is about who you know and being in the right place at the right time). That is a LONG time as a sub, but I know it is the best way to make contacts, get more experience, and make some much-needed cash after spending the last year and a half paying so much to IU.

OK, Bailey just woke himself up barking in his sleep. Too cute. I wonder what puppy dreams are like? I mean, how complicated could they be? They would either have to involve playing, eating, or sleeping. On that deep, philosophical note (ha!), I'm going to go get some work done for my class -- or, more likely, take a nap -- and rest up for whatever the evening may hold. Mom and Dad may be coming up to grill out for dinner and go listen to the band at the clubhouse/tiki bar tonight. No workout today... need to give my legs a day off. Had a great 24 mile ride yesterday on Hwy. 446. Minus the part where I got CHASED by a deer. I startled it and instead of running away from me, it ran toward me, chasing me down the highway for all of maybe 5 terrifying seconds. Luckily, a car approached and it got spooked and ran away. How in the world would I have explained getting tackled on my bike by a deer? Anyway, legs are resting; another ride tomorrow. Getting pumped for Tri Indy 2009!
UPDATE: Dad wimped out on the band & tiki bar... boo! But Mom is on her way up to grill out on the back deck and hit up the clubhouse later! Yay, Mom!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where the heck did summer go??

This picture is how I want to remember summer (Mom took this when I wasn't paying attention and sent it to me today... I'm pretty sure I felt as relaxed as I looked). Because even though it is still only July, it is almost over for me! I will be back in the classroom the first week of August in preparation for the upcoming school year and I begin full-time student teaching at Lakeview on August 10th! I cannot believe May, June, and most of July flew by so quickly. I got to experience and enjoy a lot of awesome/fun/crazy/interesting/new things, but I feel like I need at least another month or so. But too bad... Because fall is closing in.
I have no excuse for not posting regularly since I'm only a part-time student this summer (although I'm a pretty awesome full-time housewife). And to sum up all of the things I have done since my last post would be difficult. But I'll share some snippets of the fun.
Fourth of July - Perhaps the worst EVER. It rained (poured) the entire day and Gearry had to work, of course. Other than grilling out with my friends Allison and Carly on our back porch for a couple hours in the afternoon, it was a pretty disappointed snoozefest. Especially compared to last year, which was the best 4th of July EVER at Stebby's parents' lakehouse in Michigan. *Sigh* Stebby was in Wisconsin for her PT clinicals this holiday, so it didn't work out. Perhaps next year... I need some Stebbins family craziness!
Auditions - Mom and I decided, on a whim, to audition to be extras in an indie film that is filming this summer in Austin, Texas and Bloomington. I did a lot of first things this summer -- first triathlon, first international vacation, to name a couple -- so I thought, why not "act" in my first movie? Of course, as an extra not much acting is involved. And, even though we had to "audition," that really isn't the correct word for it since it only involved getting our body shot and head shot taken, and filling out some contact information. Mom got called to be in a scene that filmed in Lawrence County this past Monday. I got called to be in a scene that is filming in Bloomington this coming Saturday. I don't know a lot of details about the film except that it is about a girl who tries to "escape" the holds of a fundamentalist Christian cult and finds her own definition of faith in the process. Mom had a good time during her shoot Monday, although she said it was long and sometimes a bit dull. But she thought the process was really interesting and was glad she did it, so I'm looking forward to Saturday.
That Other Thing on Saturday - Oh yeah, there's another little thing I have to attend to on Saturday: The Praxis II Exam. From 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, I will be torturing myself in a classroom at the IU Kelly School of Business as I take this exam that will allow me to get my teaching license. I've heard that it is really difficult from some and really easy from others, but everyone I know that has taken it has passed it, so I'm not too worried. Although I should probably do a bit of studying between now and then to make myself feel a little better about it. I have to pass it, or I won't be able to get my license until next year and I would really like to have it in December in case a random second semester job opens up.
Chicago - When your friends are scattered around the midwest (and the country for that matter!) you get to do fun things in order to hang out with them... like meet for a crazy weekend in Chicago! To celebrate our birthdays (Stebby's is July 22nd, mine July 23rd), my friends and I decided to organize a girls' weekend to Chicago this past weekend. Hillary's husband was in Indy for the weekend teaching at a conference, so it worked out perfectly. Hillary and I drove up to East Chicago together and then took the train into the city, where the two of us enjoyed Friday evening with a LOT of walking (we got lost on the way to our hotel), some Chicago pizza, and lots of tasty drinks at a neighborhood sports bar, where we watched everyone else watch the White Sox game (we don't really do baseball). On Saturday, Stebby's train arrived from Wisconsin and we enjoyed lunch and drinks at Navy Pier, some shopping on Michigan Avenue, and, again, LOTS of walking. Our friends Carly and Alli were supposed to take the train in from Crown Point on Saturday, but some issues with Alli's dog resulted in spending the day at the vet and missing the last train in, and they were both too tired to drive. So, Stebby, Hillary, and I met up with our friends and former roommates, Raechelle and Richelle, for birthday dinner at an amazing vegan restaurant, Karyn's Cooked. They use no animals products and no refined sugars, and the food was AWESOME. Stebby and I were like kids on Christmas because we could order ANYTHING from the menu instead of having to pick from one of the couple vegetarian options restaurants usually have (typically pasta and salad). Stebby ordered "ribs" and I had spaghetti and "meat" balls. Great food and great to see the twins again, and their apartent. The pic below was taken on the balcony of their sweet apartment downtown.

By the time we finished dinner and checking out the apartment, it was close to 11:00 and time to party! We ended up in some other part of Chicago (I'm not even sure what part!) at Spin, a super fun club where we danced like crazy until around 2:00 a.m. I was ready to keep going, but we had an early train to catch in the morning, so I was glad Hillary acted as our voice of reason and convinced Stebby and I that we did want some sleep. Getting to spend a fun weekend with Colleen and Stebby in D.C. in June and then Hillary and Stebby in Chicago in July was one of the highlights of the summer. It is hard when your college friends become scattered, but I love that we are all committed to making the distance work and take turns traveling here and there for some girl time.

Birthday - 25 is a scary birthday for some reason. In response to my "fear," I decided to do what most girls do every year and spend an entire week celebrating my birthday. I mean, one day is really too little to celebrate the fabulousness that is me, right? ;) Starting with Chicago, my b-day celebration also includes dinner at my parents' tomorrow; pizza & a movie with friends on Friday; Upstairs Pub with friends on Saturday night; and, since Gearry has to work on my actual birthday, dinner at The Melting Pot in Indy and shopping on Sunday. OK, so that's actually a week and 2 days, but who is really counting?