Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things for Which I am Grateful Today

In no particular order:

-I received more pictures of Asa yesterday and the whole family looks like it is doing well.

-After much speculation, Tony Dungy is coming back for another season with the Colts.

-The Hoosiers are currently ranked #7 in the nation and will hopefully continue their butt-kicking run.

-After 5:00 p.m. tonight, I get to spend 36 whole hours with Gearry and no work! (Loving the 4 day work week.)

-Thursday evening, Mom and I are making dinner at my house and then going to see a screening of the “Spirit of the Marathon” documentary, about the Chicago marathon, here in Bloomington.

-Friday and Saturday evenings, I’m meeting up with my friend Afra to go to the PRIDE film festival here in Bloomington. I went last year with Stebby and Hillsley (and apparently Kath, as she just reminded me...), and it was a cool experience. Some of the films were totally awesome… others were… not. But it was a good experience all around, so I’m looking forward to it again!

-After the last few days of sub-zero wind chill temperatures, it is now hovering around 32 degrees, which is not warm but is a whole lot warmer than ZERO! And the forecast is even predicting one day next week making it all the way up to 51 degrees! We’ll see about that… but I’ll definitely take it if it comes. I’m becoming more and more like my dad (scary!) in finding little pleasure in winter. I love that first big snow, but as soon as that is over I want it to be back to 70 degrees and sunny. But, wait, I’m trying to be positive here… If it DOES, in fact, reach 51 degrees then you better believe I will be out on my bike. It's been sitting in our guest room since I bought it and it's driving me crazy not being able to use it yet!

-Hillary and Chris are currently beginning plans for our couples vacation this summer! In late August or early September, Gearry and I going to spend a week on the ocean in Hilton Head with Hill & Chris and two other couples. Every time Gearry and I go on vacation, we love our personal time, but we also always say, “I wish our friends were here with us.” This vacay should be the perfect balance of both Gearry-and-me time and time with our friends!

Alright, there is my dose of positive thinking for the day. Now I won't feel so bad later when I grumble a bit about working a 10-hour day and about working on this impossibly difficult science fiction triology press release assignment that I have been putting off for 11 days now. Bad Stacey.

Love you all!

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Kathleen said...

You know, I hear Hilton Head is great, but if you want a real summer vacation, you have to go to the Cape...

P.S. Way to move in on my girlfriend. AND forget that I too went to Pride with you last year. Where is the love?