Friday, August 1, 2008

Adventures in Blue Ice Cream

On Tuesday, Gearry and I hopped on the motorcycle and cruised down to Santa Claus (we took the Patoka Lake route... such a beautiful ride!) to meet up with Gearry's family at Holiday World. They had been wanting to take his nieces and nephew for a day of fun, and use it as a chance for the whole family to do something together, so Gearry, myself, his parents, his sister, brother-in-law and their three kids (Cynthia, Makayla, Jayden) spent the day at the park. It was super hot and super crowded, so we didn't get to do much in the way of rides and such, but it was a good opportunity to spend some time with the fam, especially with the kids, who are growing so fast. Gearry and I decided we're definitely going to stick to going in May, when there's pretty much no one else there, but it was totally worth it for some quality bonding time! I wish I had pictures to share...
Oh, and blue ice cream? Yeah, Holiday World blueberry ice cream is amazing! I've been craving it all summer (the ice cream stand was closed when we went back in May) and finally got what my heart had been desiring at the end of the day, just before Gearry and I headed home (Well, me to home, him to work... yuck). It was a lot bluer than I remember in the past. Instead of a nice sky blue it was... almost royal? Yay, blue food coloring for the health food person. Anyway, it was VERY blue and I was happily licking away while walking toward the exit when I looked down for some reason and... Stuck the bill of my WHITE baseball camp right in the top of the VERY BLUE cone. After laughing hysterically and then pouting, I tried to rinse my hat out, but to no avail. That was some intense blue, and since I spilled a few more drops of ice cream on it in the process of getting it off my head, I now have essentially a blue and white tie-dyed hat.
There are a few morals to this story: 1) Maybe you really shouldn't eat things with enough artifical dye to stain an article of clothing in point-five nanoseconds. 2) Don't eat while walking... this usually ends in disaster, for me at least. Actually, don't do anything while walking except... walking. Yesterday I was walking while talking on my cell phone and BAM, cell phone hits the pavement. I think I fixed it. I hope. 3) Order the small cone, not the large. The large IS tall enough to compromise your headwear.
Today is FRIDAY... whoo hoo! Which means only two more Fridays of work after this. Yessssss! I'm going to be even more busy than I am now with both grad school and rowing, but when it's stuff that interests you, it's a whole different ballgame. 60 or 70 hours suddenly seems much less than 40 when you're busy but happy about what you're doing. And I'm... ready to be happy about what I'm doing.

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