Sunday, August 24, 2008

40 Hours...

In about 40 hours from now, our plane will be touching down in Savannah, Ga., just a short 45 minute drive from our home for the week: Hilton Head.

Hillary and Chris headed down a couple days ahead of us, arriving today. And they sent this picture with the caption "See You Soon!!"

Can't wait!! I'm trying to finish my packing tonight, but I keep getting distracted by the Colts game. Tomorrow I have to spend the day on campus: Buying books. Getting my student ID card. Picking up some books at the library. Meeting with a professor. And then, from 3:00-5:30, mandatory orientation for my graduate program. Then... Off to Indy to spend the night at Ashley and Jeremy's, and off to HH in the weeeeeeee hours of the morning.

I'm sure I won't be updating until we get back, and even then it's probably not going to be too often. Between an insane amount of classes and rowing, my little free time is probably going to be spent sleeping! But I'll try to pop on here as often as possible.

NOW, the most exciting part of my post. Stebby came in for the weekend from OSU. We took lots of pics, but I'll have to wait for Colleen to post them. YES, COLLEEN! As in Colleen Ryan, my bestie that I haven't seen since last November because she lives in Maryland. She flew into Columbus and drove over with Stebby and their friend Alli, who is also, oddly enough, the rowing G.A. at Ohio State. Apparently they've been planning to surprise me for sometime now, and it was a GREAT surprise. I couldn't believe it when I opened the door and she was standing there! Sooooo great! We went out to dinner Friday night, then out to the bars, where we introduced Alli to the fabulousness that is "Sink the Biz" at Nick's. (If you like beer and don't know the game, I highly suggest discovering it.) On Saturday we slept in, made a late breakfast and then went swimming in the lake. That evening we hit up Domo for some sushi, walked around campus and took pictures, had ice cream at Jiffy and then headed back to mi casa for a late night of raspberry margaritas and chick flicks.

Today we got up at a slightly decent hour and enjoyed a late breakfast at Village Deli, made a pit stop at T.I.S. for some IU gear (I got the puppies two really cute IU bandannas/collars that are crimson with cream IU symbols and bones). Back at the condo, the girls and the dogs enjoyed a little nap before the 4 hour drive back to Ohio. Yep, it was a snore-filled scene at the Young Caudell house around 3:00 this afternoon:

That's Stebby on the far right, snoozing with Bailey cuddled up in her lap. Those are sleeping Colleen's legs with a dozing Ollie (Stebby's dog) holding down the fort. And that's Alli rocking the sit-n-sleep on the couch.

I love my friends.

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