Friday, August 22, 2008

Two of My Favorite Things: Family & Food (Not Necessarily in that Order)

Josh headed back to Purdue to start his junior year on Thursday, so on Wednesday the Young family gathered at the lake for a last little family get-together picnic. It's not very often that our schedules work out so that Mom, Dad, Josh, Gearry and I are all able to be together at the same time. The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the football tossing was atrocious, but fun. (How QBs get the football to spiral like that is still beyond my realm of understanding.) I LOVE MY DAD BEING RETIRED!! I think I've seen/talked to him more in the past couple of months than I have in the past couple of years. Looking forward to doing a lot more family stuff in the future.

Mom took some good pictures of our little picnic, so I'll let those tell the story of the day:

There is a reason Josh was a lineman and not a QB in football... He throws a football about as well as I do. I do a lot of things well, I'm not modest about that. Throwing a football is not one of those things.

Peyton Manning, watch out. Stacey's coming for your job.

That sign that said "No Dogs Allowed on Beach"? Yeah, we pretended like we didn't see it. Zoey and Luke LOVE to swim; Bailey is more of a wader.

Awwww, Luke. I heart him. And he's lost weight! For real, you should see him.

Ah, what a great day.

Munchkin #1

Munchkin #2 (In no particular munchkin order)

Who wears short shorts? Josh wears short shorts. (Hey, Josh, Nair called. They want you for their next commercial.)

Gary David and Gearry David (I know, creepy, right??!) dig into the scrumptious feast.

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