Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow. What can I say about today other than "Wow?" Beautiful, beautiful day, and a relaxing one at that. Not too hot, not too cool. Slightly breezy, not too windy. Not a cloud in sight. Amazing!
Slept in.
Scrambled eggs & veggies, biscuits and coffee on the deck with Gearry.
Swimming, laying out and chilling by the lake with Josh all afternoon.
Hanging out with my puppies and watching Olympic gymnastics, diving and swimming all evening.
Amazing. Nothing super special... just the combination of lots of "pretty good" things all in one day. It probably helps that tomorrow marks the beginning of my last week at AuthorHouse. And that I have our Hilton Head vacation to look forward to in two weeks. And that, although I'm terrified of so much change at once (TERRIFIED!), I'm really looking forward to the craziness of grad school and coaching. But, not even considering all that, today was great :)
It doesn't help that I sprained my ankle yesterday. Yes, really. Yes, for, like, the fifth or sixth time. But once you sprain a joint, it gets easier and easier to sprain it again. So it's not really surprising that I do it once every couple years. Fortunately, with lots of ice and exercising it's already feeling better today, so competing in the duathlon a week from today shouldn't be a problem. Have to take a couple days out of my training, which stinks, but at least I didn't do this the day before the race. Gonna take today and tomorrow off from working out and probably try to get in a really good swim on Tuesday. Hopefully I can be back running & biking by Wednesday, which will give me four good days before the race.
Mom and Dad are on their way home from vacation as I write. It sounds like they had a great time, first visiting with Dad's aunt Betty in Florida and spending a few days at Fernandina Beach, and then visiting with Bobbie and Jerry in South Carolina and making a pit stop at the Biltmore Estate before heading back north. Tomorrow Mom and I have a "date," so I'm sure I'll get more details of their trip. It's pretty sad, but Mom and I have both been looking forward to the release of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" for months now. Yeah, make fun of me, whatever. We saw the first one together and it was such a good movie and a good mother-daughter bonding time.
Alright, back to devoting my full attention to the fabulousness of Olympic gymnastics. Peace out, people.

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