Sunday, July 27, 2008


Tomorrow is my third last Monday of work... three more weeks, three more weeks. I feel somewhat refreshed after these last five days off, so I'm hoping to go back in there tomorrow morning and just rock it out for the next three weeks. My life is about to change greatly, but it's all in good way (other than perhaps the severe lack of sleep and sanity I'm anticipating) and I can't help but be excited, terrified, intrigued and unsure, all at once. Giving up a full-time paycheck seems a little crazy to the practical side of me, but it also seems like a testament to my belief in myself, my ambition to truly love life and not just live it, and my faith that God has a plan and that I'm listening to Him and following it.

Three more weeks of work, a week of work in the rowing office, a week in Hilton Head with Gearry, Chris & Hillary (Yay!!! Friends, beach, food, drinks, dancing and more beach!) and then GRAD SCHOOL & COACHING AT THE DIVISION ONE LEVEL. Crazy.

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