Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today was a glorious 85 degrees and Gearry and I spent much of it out on the boat with my (newly retired) dad. Sunny, sunny, sunny! Gearry, once again, looks like a lobster. You think he would have learned his lesson by now, right? SPF 4 does nothing for you, Gearry! And the sun was pretty intense. My nose is a little bit red, but I am otherwise unscathed. Gearry, however, is sitting here in his robe after being slathered with after-sun aloe gel. Silly Gearry. Nevertheless, the day was beautiful and it was fun being on the lake, rather than just looking at it all the time. I also discovered that I apparently have a great fear of geese. I was, to my credit, bitten on the foot by a goose when I was little. But the geese that would not leave us alone today caused me to curl up on the floor of the boat and hide myself under a towel. I just knew one of them was going to hop in the boat and try to eat my toes. Did you know that geese hiss? And have these big, nasty tongues? They hiss like snakes and stick their creepy tongues out at you. What's not to be afraid of?

I suppose I should do a quick run-down of Days #2 & #3 of our anniversary celebration, since I never updated. A super quick run-down. Had brunch in Nashville on Sunday afternoon, check into our cabin and relaxed for awhile before getting ready for dinner. Went to Bloomington for the Bloomington Slow Food dinner, a fundraising event for the Blooming Slow Foods Movement. The 7-course dinner was AMAZING and we got to sit with some really, really cool people who have done a lot for Bloomington through the years. We lucked out with an awesome table... we were the youngest by decades, but the conversation flowed freely. Unfortunately, so did the champagne and wine. Therefore, at the end of the 5-hour dinner, we found ourselves unable to drive back to Brown County to our cabin! Responsibility got the best of us and we ended up taking a cab back to our condo and crashing. In the morning Gearry had to drive back to Brown County just to pick up our stuff from the cabin we only spent about 3 hours in. That was the crappy part of the weekend. A little drama, and not exactly how we planned to spend our 1 year anniversary. But, it's over, and we're looking to plan a big trip for next year's to make up for it...

On Day #3, that Monday, after Gearry and I finally got over our dramatic evening the night before and made peace, we ended up playing 18 holes of golf here at Eagle Pointe, the first time we've played the course even though we've lived here since last June. We are both pretty crappy golfers, but it was a good time nonetheless. And by "crappy" I mean that we didn't even figure our scores at the end and we definitely cheated on a couple holes. (Whose idea was it to put water traps right where you tee off???)

I probably won't be writing for several days, just a warning. Tomorrow I have to work and then in the evening Gearry and I are going out with his friend Tim and his girlfriend Jessica for dinner and drinks and such. Tim and Jess are moving to California very soon :(

Gearry has to work all July 4th weekend (the pitfalls of a resort) so I am going to be enjoying Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Stebby's parents' lakehouse in Michigan (The Irish Hills area, about an hour and a half west of Detroit). I'm meeting her in Columbus, Ohio on Friday afternoon, we're grabbing some lunch with Hillary and then it's up to Michigan to chill and party all weekend! I looooove Stebby's family (so much fun) and their lakehouse is really cool (same place where we went for my bachelorette party) and I can't wait! Wish Gearry could join...

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