Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anniversary Celebration Day #1

Yeah, so your anniversary is technically only one day... but when you're livin' it up, might as well make it three, right?

Today was Day #1, and it was fantabulous. Gearry never has a Saturday off, so that alone made the day great. Gearry and I are sitting here just relaxing a bit and drinking water (can you be hungover at 9:41 pm? I think so... too much wine at dinner) and getting ready for bed shortly. Big day tomorrow! This morning I woke up super early (yuke) and biked to the animal shelter to volunteer (yay!). 20 miles of biking and 2 hrs. of dog walking later, I returned and Gearry and I took the motorcycle into town to run an errand and enjoy some ice cream on this gorgeous day. This evening we went to 1875, one of the restaurants at French Lick. Connections are nice, of course, and after a wonderful and very large and very comped meal (well, after wine and tip we still paid $90 but that's way better than $200, right?) we headed home happy and stuffed.

Tomorrow morning we head to Brown County and are really looking forward to the Bloomington Chef's Dinner tomorrow evening. Apparently the theme of the weekend is "food," but for a chef and a foodie, I guess that's a good thing.

On Monday Gearry and I are going to play our first 18 holes of golf here at Eagle Pointe, even though we've lived here for a year now! And, I'm excited/sad to say, it will be my first game of golf EVER. Tonight we just messed around on one of the holes for a bit and I actually hit quite well considering my golfing experience has involved going to the driving range twice and a few scattered games of putt-putt. I have a pretty good idea of what will happen, though. I'm guessing around Hole #4 I will be beyond frustrated with my crapiness and relegate myself to just driving the cart. But, we'll see. My ridiculous competitiveness will likely kick in.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's already been a year. My how things change as time flies by. Hugs for you & Gearry. Shannon Duckworth