Friday, June 20, 2008

363 Days Later or So...

It is hard to believe that this coming Sunday will mark our first year of marriage. A year! It really seems like it was just recently that I was sweating out every last detail of our upcoming nuptials, so excited about the weekend that lay ahead. Well, now it's unbelievably a year later and I'm also excited about this weekend ahead... our first anniversary celebration.
Because we're planning a bigger trip at the end of August, right before I start school, Gearry and I decided to just do something small and close-by for our anniversary. We're both off Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday evening we are going down to French Lick for some tasty (and free, as usual... whoo hoo!) dinner, per request of Gearry's chef. On Sunday (anniversary day) we are heading to Brown County early to peruse the shops, grab some brunch, do some wine-tasting and check into the cabin we rented for the night. It's just a couple miles outside of Nashville, looks nice and cozy and has a hot tub. Sunday evening we are trucking back to Bloomington to enjoy the 2008 Bloomington Slow Foods Chef's Dinner, a 7-course masterpiece with wine pairings held once a year as a fundraiser for the Bloomington Slow Foods Movement. Each of the seven courses is prepared by a different area chef and paired with wines from area wineries. Gearry knows most of the chefs well, of course, and I have a feeling it is going to be an absolutely delicious and fun way to celebrate the big "1." Then, of course, back to BC for the night. On Monday we don't have any solid plans; probably sleep in at the cabin and enjoy some lunch or something in Nashville before we head back to pick up the furbabies from our parents.
I kind of wish now that we had planned a bigger trip for our anniversary, but it didn't make much sense to me - since I'm going back to school in September - to schedule two big trips for one summer. We're hoping to truck it over the pond to Europe (predominantly Italy) next summer, so I like to think that we're saving up our pennies for that little jaunt with every "little" trip we take, rather than "big" trips.
So, lots to look forward to, but that makes it even more difficult than usual to get through this work day!
And about my potentially exciting developments in school from last post? Ehhh, don't think it's going to happen :( But I'll let you know.
Annnnnnd, my cell phone was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning, apparently the victim of some sort of overheating/explosion/detriment that caused the battery plug-in port to corrode and essentially burn the phone up from the inside out (complete with permanent marks on my formerly beautiful nightstand). There were no dramatic sounds or sights; it just stopped working. I had to order a new cell phone yesterday, which won't be in until Tuesday. So, until, then I'm old-schooling it. It is a weird, weird world to not have a cell. If you desperately need me, call Gearry or shoot me an e-mail.

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