Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Upland Addiction

This weekend, Hillary came to visit from OSU. Yay! I think the last time I saw her was in early February, when she and Stebby last visited (yep, it’s my turn next to truck myself over to Ohio). She got in around 8:00 p.m. on Friday night and we spent the rest of the evening sitting on the back deck, talking and drinking wine. On Saturday, I had to get up early and volunteer at the animal shelter, but I was back home, had gone for a run and showered before noon. Gearry had to head off to work, so Hillary and I spent the afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing other than relaxing and playing with the pups.

Later in the afternoon we headed to town and spent a couple hours shopping at the mall. I found a store, believe it or not, that sells jeans up to 37 inch inseam. 37! As in “too tall for Stacey.” I haven’t had a long enough pair of jeans in years, so I was pretty ecstatic. And they were super cute, too, which bumped up the excitement level even more. Two new pairs of jeans, a cute shirt and some earrings later, we headed to Upland Brewery for dinner.

Now, I had eaten dinner at Upland just a week before for Josh’s birthday, but it seemed like the perfect place once again, and I have a permanent craving for their seitan tenderloin, so Upland it was. After a super tasty dinner, we headed to the Student Union on campus to take in a screening of the movie “27 Dresses.” I’d never seen it; Hill had and loved it. It ended up being a great, great movie. It also reminded how much I miss being on campus. Love that atmosphere.

Because we’re so cool and it was 10 pm, we headed home so that we could get to bed at a reasonable hour. Yeah, really cool on a Saturday night, I know, but Hillary had to leave for Ohio by 8:00 am the next day, and we were both pretty pooped. It was such a relaxing weekend… loved it. Love my Hill! Why is it the best ones always have to live so far away?

On Sunday I spent the day at Mom & Dad’s, just hanging out with Mom, watching TV, playing with the dogs and – above all – cleaning my car, which was atrocious after the long and nasty winter. I mean, BAD. I try to keep it nice in the spring-fall months, but it almost seems pointless in the winter. I have such a nice car, it’s a shame I let it get as bad as I did. But now, after two and a half hours of washing, cleaning carpets, de-hairing, vacuuming, etc., it’s pretty much brand new again.

Yesterday I worked (of course… and it was a long one, man) and then Gearry and I attended a focus group at IU Auditorium, to help them make improvements/changes to their wedding rental program. We rode the motorcycle for the first time this season, which was fantastic. Zooming around campus in the 75 degree sunshine is alright with me. After the focus group, we went to… yep… you guessed it… Upland. Gearry’s choice, not mine! As usual, though, it was super tasty and we had a great time dining on their outdoor patio.

Tonight Gearry actually has to work, unfortunately, because there’s some special event going on, but I have my second softball game to keep me preoccupied. The weather is gorgeous, so it should be a good time. If I don’t get hit in the throat again. Or the shin. Or any of the other places where I still have bruises from last week. Yeah, this former all-star is rusty. Tomorrow is supposed to be even more gorgeous: sunny and near 80. That means a long bike ride in the morning and kayaking with Gearry in the afternoon! I LOVE SPRING!

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