Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy B-Day, Little Brother!

Can you believe my little brother is 21?? I can't. But, alas, I can assure you that he now officially is and I can assure you that we celebrated the occasion in style.

Josh and his friend from Purdue, Chad, came down to B-Town on Saturday afternoon to celebrate. I had originally planned on going up to West Lafayette for the event, but since this was Little 5 week at IU, Josh decided he'd like to come down and be a part of the madness. After stops at Oliver Winery for wine-tasting and the Crazy Horse (Josh's "first bar") for a beer, they made it out here to the lake. We were generally lazy for a couple hours, enjoying some munchies and relaxing. Around 8:00 we headed to town for some dinner and fun. We had some awesome food at Upland Brewery and then met up with some of my friends at Nick's English Hut. The night ended up ending a little early because we decided to head to another bar, only to discover that 1:00 a.m. was apparently the magic hour that EVERYONE in Bloomington was trying to get into EVERY BAR in Bloomington. We gave up on the idea of waiting in the drizzling rain and cold for a minimum of 30 minutes and paying a huge cover charge, and Josh had already enjoyed plenty of "wetting his whistle," so we ordered pizza, picked it up on the way home and headed back to the lake. Gearry had just gotten home from work, so it was perfect. We all hung out, grubbed a bit and finally hit the sack.

This morning, Gearry treated the guys to a tasty breakfast of filet mignon, eggs, biscuits and mimosas. I joined in, of course, except for the steak. So good! Josh and Chad headed back to Pur-don't around noon, hopefully happy and definitely full.

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