Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Ironic.

I totally knew it was going to happen (duh, I can read weather reports, but also I mean I just "knew" it because that's how things work)... I'm feeling tons, tons, tons better today and look outside: nasty, rainy, stormy. Tomorrow and this weekend: nasty, colder, colder, colder.

Gearry has a busy Thrs., Fri., Sat. at work... lots of reservations and special little things going on, so I don't expect to see him much the next few days. It's just me and the puppies. Josh is coming down to Bloomington on Saturday for his 21st birthday. He's bringing a friend or two and they're crashing at our place... we'll probably go out for dinner that evening and then hit the bars. It's also Little 500 weekend, so I'm just expecting this to be an insanely crazy night. As much as I want to "party" with my brother, I think I'll play it safe and be the DD. That way we don't have to crash at somebody's place in town and can actually go back out to the lake that night and sleep in peace.

Another upside to not drinking: On Sunday I probably have my first (and likely only) practice for the upcoming softball season. I'm playing in the Bloomington league on the AuthorHouse team, and they usually don't practice once the season starts... and the season starts this coming Tuesday. Therefore, Sunday will probably be the one and only.

Then again, I may get to Saturday night and just decide to go hog wild. You never know with me. And I don't feel pressured either way.

Currently 4:03 p.m. At work until 5:30 p.m. Totally, completely and utterly bored. Out of my mind. I was super productive until about 3:00. Then it fizzled out and now I have given up hope of continued productivity today. Sometimes you just have to accept it when you get to that point... haha. Time to check the e-mail, read some online news and count down the minutes.

Oh, and a super cute picture of the kids to leave you with a smile:

I seriously don't pose them... they are just that cute. Furry best friends!


Kathleen said...

Um, my niece and nephew are freaking ADORABLE!

Marla Alexander said...

awwww i second what kath said! :) TOO cute!