Saturday, November 24, 2007

What a Holiday Weekend!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I could drone on and on about this weekend, because it was basically fabulous, but I'll try to keep the update to a minimum. Try is the key word here.

Wednesday - I got off work around 3:00 on Wednesday, not to return until this coming Monday. Excellent! I miss all those mini-vacations you get with school! I packed up my stuff and Bailey and I headed down to Mitchell. It was nice spending some q-time with Mom, Dad & Josh. Mom took Bailey for a walk around Spring Mill while Josh and I ran trails. I was wearing longsleeved underarmour and long running tights, and Josh was running in shorts and no shirt. Go figure. Josh took me on some killer trails... I run a lot, but running steep, curvy and slick trails is totally different than road running. It was a good workout, and we didn't get shot by any deer hunters, which was my biggest fear, so I guess it was good experience all-in-all. Gearry got off of work pretty late and I met him at his parents' house, where we spent the night. It was the first time Gearry and I have ever spent the night together in his parents' house, so we got a kick out of it. We're dorks, what can I say. We are perpetual little kids.

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving! Gearry had to work, not untypical for someone in his profession, so we hung out with his parents in the morning, stopped by his grandparents' to say hello, and then headed out to Cheryl & Larry's, where my family was having Thanksgiving dinner. Gearry had about five minutes to grab some turkey & mash before heading out to work. Dinner was great; it's always fun catching up with everyone. Jerry & Karen's daughters, Kaylee and Kylee, are so cute and always entertaining. They are Josh's number one fans, hands down, so it was funny to watch them hanging all over him all afternoon. They are definitely smitten.

Post-dinner, we headed home and I think I slept for at least 2 or 3 hours on the couch. And I don't even eat turkey, which is the thing that is supposed to make you sleepiest! I did eat roughly a ton of rolls, corn and mashed potatoes, so it's no wonder my body was begging for sleep! Bailey and I finally packed up later in the evening and headed back to the lake, after making a pit stop at the Caudells' and hanging out for a bit. Gearry's nieces were there, and they got a big kick out of Bailey. He loved all the attention, as usual.

Friday - Gearry and I slept in! As of late, this NEVER seems to happen, at least not together. Our schedules are just so different. And on my days to sleep in, I seem to do silly things, like sign up to volunteer bright and early at 8:30 a.m. Nevertheless, Bailey was strangely cooperative (he must have been tired from all the action the day before) and we actually made it until 11:30. It was amazing and much-needed. We took Bailey for a walk around the Pointe, went for a run, and then got ready to go out for the evening. We had dinner and drinks and watched some football at Scotty's Brewhouse (loving it as Arkansas beat LSU), walked over to the square to catch some of the downtown Bloomington holiday lighting ceremony (so pretty... why didn't I take pictures??!) and then parked ourselves at Coaches to watch the IU men's b-ball game vs. Illinois. It was late and we were pretty pooped by that time, so we only stayed for the first half. IU was playing pretty badly, so I am glad to say we did come out with the win in the end. Something just seemed off... but hopefully they'll get it back together! They are definitely one of the best teams we've had in years. I like how all the good teams seem to skip my time in college.

Saturday - Happy Thanksgiving again! Today we celebrated T-Day on Mom's side of the family, at Aunt Sharon & Uncle Steve's in Heltonville. I had to volunteer at the shelter this morning, so upon my return I got ready in a hurry and we headed over to the Nolan homestead. There are a lot of ways to get there through the country from here, and Gearry thought it would be a good idea to try a different one. Needless to say, roughly 40 minutes later we finally found our way there, after seeing some very interesting southern Indiana scenery and a whole lot of cows. The afternoon was so much fun! I looooove my family, what can I say? And I thought it was really nice that they put together a special salad (with no bacon), stuffing (with veggie stock) and green beans (no bacon grease) just for me. I don't ever expect anyone to cater to me, because pretty much everyone else eats meat and I don't want anyone to go out of their way, but it was so nice of them. The meal was great, the company was great, and being with Gearry was great, since he rarely has a Saturday off and very rarely gets to go to any family events. When we got home we spent a little time with Bailey and then promptly passed out for a wonderful three hour nap. Now we're just hanging out until it's time to once again head back to bed. Wonderful laziness!

Alright, so that was my weekend, even though it is not quite over yet. Tomorrow Gearry has to head back to work :( But the time with him these last couple days was awesome, so that is OK. Plus, he loves his new job (who wouldn't love running an outfit of West Baden's caliber?) and is probably ready to get back in there.

I'm meeting my friends Carly & Parman in the afternoon to go to the IU women's soccer game at Armstrong Stadium and cheer on our Hoosiers... they have made it to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament and IU is the lucky host.

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