Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bailey's First Haircut

OK, seeing as Bailey is around a year and a half old, I am certain that he has had several haircuts throughout his lifetime. But today was the first time we had him groomed since we got him back in September. He looks so spiffy!

Fortunately for us (although perhaps unfortunately for her), my former rowing teammate Steph got the pleasure of being Bailey’s groomer at Canine Companions. Apparently he was a really good boy during his haircut, but, in her words, he turned into a “Tasmanian devil” when she tried to clip his nails. It ended up taking three staff to finish the job: one to lay on top of him, one to hold his paw, and one to actually cut the nails. His foster mom had warned us to never try to cut his nails by ourselves. We now know why!

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