Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am so...

... sleepy. It's been a long weekend. A great one, but a long one.

... content. Again, the great weekend thing. Lots of time with my favorites, and no work stress.

... a little sad. IU women's soccer lost to Duke today in the third round of the NCAA tournament, and the men's basketball team got whooped on by Xavier last night. Come on, Hoosiers.

... grateful. For many things, but chiefly among them that I am sitting here warm and dry (after a very very very cold and wet time at the IU women's soccer game) with Bailey cuddled up next to me, watching Grossman make a fool of himself -- as usual -- as the Bears take on the Broncos.

... proud. Of Gearry. He loves his new job. I can't believe the level of responsibility he has. He's the right guy for the position. He's amazing, and I know he's going to keep on kicking butt.

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