Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If at First You Are Frozen and Miserable... Try, Try Again!

Sunday afternoon I headed to campus with my friends Carly and Parman to take in Round 3 of the NCAA women’s soccer championship. It was the first time IU’s women had ever made it to the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament. Unfortunately, it was also the stopping point of a very successful season, as they were defeated by Duke, 2-0. Perhaps even more unfortunately, it was absolutely freezing, growing colder as the minutes passed by. And the rain that had started as a simple nuisance became a downpour, soaking us to the point of misery. Yet we hung in there, at least until 10 minutes left to go. With the Hoosiers down by 2 and our teeth chattering, we hated to bail but our shivering bodies demanded it. We stopped for a tasty dinner at Siam House, complete with hot (well, lukewarm) green tea, but I still didn’t warm up until over an hour later when I got home and stood under the hot shower water for about 20 minutes.

This evening we are going to try again, heading over to Armstrong Stadium to cheer on our men’s soccer team in Round 2 of their NCAA championship tournament. It is still quite chilly today, but it is forecasted to be dry, which makes an incredible world of difference. You better believe I will be there, complete with gloves, hat, wool socks, and scarf. In addition to my other clothes, of course ;) Mom is joining Carly, Parman and me, so it should be a fun evening. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Hoosiers, who have won many NCAA Championships, the latest in both 2003 and 2004, I believe. GO HOOSIERS!

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