Saturday, May 31, 2008

Waterslides and a Beautiful Ride

This past Thursday, Gearry and I hopped on our motorcycle and cruised down to Holiday World for the day. Even though we're married, have careers and own a house, we're really just big kids. And I think it'll probably be that way forever. And I like that.

The motorcycle ride down and back was one of the best parts of the day! We took Hwy. 37 all the way down to Interstate 64, meaning most of our route ran through Hoosier National Forest. The weather was absolutely perfect -- 70s and 80s and clear skies -- and the drive was gorgeous.

The best part about taking a motorcycle to Holiday World? Front door parking. The motorcycle lot is literally fifty feet from the entrance, so it was fun bypassing the hundreds of cars in the giant lot and cruising on up to the front. Not that we wouldn't be walking about a bazillion miles that day anyway, but hey, still.

I grew up going to Holiday World, and although some of the stuff still looks exactly the same as it did when I was 6 years old, a LOT has changed. Namely, the addition of three world-class wooden coasters (The Voyage is the newest and Gearry and I both agreed it was the best coaster we'd ever ridden) and an awesomely huge water park, Splashin' Safari. Gearry and I hadn't been in a couple of years and they've added several more rides and attractions to the water park since we'd last visited. We basically go just to ride the roller coasters and spend the vast majority of the day in the water park. We don't play the lottery and don't plan to, so we can't say "If we ever win the lottery" but if we ever randomly come across a ridiculously large amount of money, Gearry and I said one of our dreams would be to rent out the park for the entire day and only allow our friends and family in, so that we could all enjoy the rides and slides as many times as want to, with no lines. Seriously.

So, we had a great day. Went on lots of slides, chilled in the wave pool and lazy river and applied sunscreen liberally. Although Gearry still got pretty burnt up. He now has a Rudolph nose. And similarly colored back, arms, etc. Poor guy! I keep forgetting and doing annoying things like pinching his nose, rubbing his shoulders or hugging him really hard. All of these innocent gestures result in dirty looks and dirty words and cries of pain from my poor hubby. I swear I'm not mean on purpose!

In case you are wondering how softball is going (if you ever knew I was playing softball), it's going pretty well. It's a lot of fun; I had forgotten how much I missed playing. I'm still super competitive so I kind of freak out if I screw up or when we lose, but thankfully most of the girls take it pretty seriously and we have a decent team. I'm not sure of our exact record, but I think it is along the lines of 5-4 or something of that nature. We play on Tuesday nights and some Friday nights, like last night (we won!). I always seem to find an excuse to slide into the base, so I'm getting used to coming home every week with a little less skin and have some nice scars already to add to my collection. When you slide into home and score the game-winning run, however, loss of skin and blood is totally worth it.

Today is gorgeous... 85 and sunny! After volunteering at the animal shelter, I met Gearry downtown at the farmer's market where we picked up some fresh goat cheese, tomatoes and a baguette. This, along with a little bit of local honey and some fresh herbs, is our favorite lunch of all time, which we enjoy as much as possible in the summer. Nothing really tastes better than fresh, local food. Too bad they don't have a farmer's market every day of the week.

I need to go do some work for my professor for awhile (my little on-the-side-do-however-much-I-want-when-I-want job that) but I just wanted to give everyone a little update on the Young-Caudell clan! We're happy, healthy and a little stressed out (starting school this fall is the main culprit there)... life as usual.

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Paula Werne, Holiday World PR said...

So happy you're a Voyage fan!

Hope your hubby's sunburn heals quickly (don't forget, we have free sunscreen by all the restrooms at Splashin' Safari).

We're so glad you enjoyed your visit!

(Not to worry, I'm not a stalker; your post showed up on a Google Alert.)