Saturday, May 10, 2008

One of Those "Good for No Particular Reason" Days

I liked today.

I volunteered at the shelter this morning, then went grocery shopping, then enjoyed a tasty salad and lemon water for lunch on the back deck with Gearry before he headed off for work. Napped, ran, showered, walked the dogs, worked on a research assignment. Nothing particularly special, but a good day. Good mood. Lots of things to look forward to.

Tomorrow, Mother's Day. We're brunching at Gearry's resort with my parents, his parents and my brother. I can't think of a prettier or classier or tastier place to celebrate Mother's Day.

Next Wednesday, finally finishing the bathrooms and guest room in our house. I know, I know, we've lived here almost a year. Nevertheless, we're finally doing it... touching up paint, installing all new hardware (towel racks, towel rings, etc. in brushed bronze for the master bath and wrought iron for the guest bath), putting up a few shelves, etc., etc. I feel like such an old married lady for getting excited about decorating/remodeling, but when you own your own place... it just feels good to have it "perfect."

Next weekend, Columbus, Ohio, to spend a couple days with my besties!! AND... Josh is coming with me! My friends all love him, but it was hard for him to hang out with all of us before because he wasn't 21. I'm so glad he's coming (even though I'm still mad at him for ruining the Indy Mini-Marathon), and so are Hill and Stebby. We're heading over Friday evening after Josh and I get off of work. On Saturday morning, Hillary, her husband Chris, Stebby, Josh and I are all running in the Race for the Cure 5K in downtown Columbus. And Saturday night... paaartay! I need a good, fun, go-crazy, bar-hopping weekend. It's been far too long.

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Ashley said...

Make sure Josh takes his shoes! :)