Friday, May 23, 2008

The OFFICIAL Start of Summer

Yeah, yeah, I know summer doesn't technically begin until mid-to-late June, but Memorial Day weekend is most definitely the real start of the season. I just took the dogs out to potty and was absolutely delighted to hear the extremely loud sounds of a band doing a rocking cover of "Down on the Corner" coming from the clubhouse deck. It is now officially in-season here at Eagle Pointe, which means live bands by the clubhouse pool and cabana bar every Friday night, an influx of summer residents and vacationers, a heightened need to be on constant alert for stray golf balls whizzing through the air (if my car gets dinged again this summer, some golfer is going DOWN) and the ever-present smell of grill smoke, fresh grass and suntan lotion.

Not surprisingly, Gearry has to work this entire Memorial Day weekend. I probably could have made other plans, but I decided I needed a weekend to just chill. Therefore, if the weather cooperates, I plan on spending much of the next 72 hours laying by the pool, ordering drinks from the cabana bar and working my way through the pile of cheesy chick lit books I picked up today.

Gearry begins his new role as "floating" Sous Chef in the next couple of weeks, so he may may may (I'm not holding my breath) have some Friday evenings off this summer since he'll be working mostly mid-shifts (approx. 9 am to 6 or 7 pm). This will make me very happy, as Friday evenings jamming to a band by the pool just aren't that fun alone, and my besties are usually working (Gearry) or 4 hrs. away (Stebby, Hillary) or 10+ hrs. away (Colleen). I guess this will be good once I start school in the fall, because I won't have many distractions from the ridiculous mounds of work I'm hearing that I will have, but for this summer... blah.

I'll leave you with the sweet performance Taylor Swift (warning: she's country... I'm mostly a pop/rock/92.3 type of girl, but I still have a weakness for a few great country singers) did at last week's ACM Awards in Las Vegas. I loved it because 1.) She went all out... you could see that she put every bit of energy into the performance. 2.) It contains the coolest costume change I've ever seen. 3.) Who wouldn't think an on-stage downpour was cool? Enjoy! (Unless you are one of my many anti-country friends, and kindly opt out ;)

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Ashley said...

Okay, I've read this already, hurry up and update your page, I need something to read. :) Love ya