Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

In the fabulousness of yesterday (sunny, 53 degrees), Gearry and I packed up the dogs, some supplies and some lunch and headed to McCormick's Creek State Park for a day hike. Bailey and Zoey are both so little, they can't walk for a crazy long time, but we managed to get in 3 or 4 miles before they completely pooped out (and us too, for that matter... those were some steep and rugged trails!).

We had a great time enjoying the walk, the weather and our Wednesday together, and I think the dogs enjoyed it, too. Lots of new things to smell and pee on. I'm pretty sure that's what they live for.

McCormick's Creek is no Spring Mill (still the best Indiana state park in my mind, hands down) but it has a lot of good trails and cool waterfalls. After our hike, we spread out some towels by our car and sat down to enjoy some french bread, organic dill goat cheese and fresh pineapple. Totally our kind of picnic lunch... tasty, fresh and no plates, bowls or utensils required!

Gearry and the puppies play by the water. Typically not a fan of water in any form, Bailey actually got in by his own doing and waded leg-deep. Zoey, of course, followed suit, since she likes to do anything her "big brother" does. Our goal for this summer is to get both of them warmed up to the idea of swimming in the lake.

The big waterfall at McCormick's Creek. All I could think of was how sweet of a swimming hole this would make in the summer. I just wanted to jump in! Of course, despite the glorious 53 degree weather outside, the water was probably just above freezing. I filled up a Nalgene for the dogs and about my froze my hand off in just the 20 seconds in was under the water.

Hmmm... somehow we both ended up wearing our old Mitchell sports sweatshirts. Gearry's is from 7th grade track and he still wears it all the time! Mine's from basketball sophomore year, and even though that was one of the worst experiences ever, the sweatshirt is still my fave.

Our pretty little girl, taking a break. We love both our dogs equally, but it is way, way easier to get good pictures of Zoey because 1) She's "apricot" and Bailey's black fur just blends into an unrecognizable blob most of the time and 2) Zoey will sit still long enough for a picture!

On Tuesday evening, Gearry's parents came up to the lake for dinner and to meet Zoey. Gearry made his amazing mushroom & spinach (plus chicken, for the meat-eaters) alfredo -- trust me, this is like no alfredo you've had before -- plus homemade garlic bread and strawberry-mushroom-balsamic tossed salad. Great food, great conversation and a great time!

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