Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Never Been So Glad to See the Sun!

Every single winter storm this season I've said, "I hope this is the last one!" After this weekend's nastiness, I truly, sincerely, absolutely HOPE it was the last one! It's March... when I think of March, I think of the trees beginning to bud, the sun beginning to urge everything into a nice shade of green, the air warming up a little each day with some nice t-shirt and shorts days thrown in there. When I think of March, I do NOT think of snowstorms. And cold.

The sun is shining brightly today and it's in the low to mid 40s, sparking in me a ray of hope. I love, love, love spring and summer. And maybe even fall. But winter... not so much. This week is supposed to be 40s and 50s, and even though we'll probably still have some pretty chilly (not to mention rainy) days, I'm not sure I've ever been quite so overjoyed about the change in seasons. Winter's hard when pretty much everything you love doing -- running, swimming, camping, biking, hiking, boating -- is based outside. Here's to many months ahead of doing all these things and just basking in the wonderful sunshine! *Clink clink* (That was my toasting glass).

My little family is doing great. Gearry and I don't see each other very often, but I am assuming he's doing pretty well ;) Stupid conflicting work hours. We make the best of Tuesdays, Wednesday and Sunday mornings, so I can't really complain too much. Zoey and Bailey are doing fantastic. They are getting along better than we could have imagined. Half the time they are "wrestling," the other half they are cuddled up next to one another, taking a nap (like in the first picture... Bailey's a little hard to see because he's so dark). There doesn't seem to be a lot of jealousy from either dog, so that is a pleasant surprise. Getting Zoey was definitely a good choice! And she's so smart... she's learning the whole "potty training" thing alarmingly fast. She's had one or two #1 accidents, but they've been few and far in between (and pretty much either my or Gearry's fault due to being slow to take her out) and *knock on wood * no #2 slip-ups thus far.

We are loving our fuzzy little teddy bear, and so is Bailey, so I'm very, very happy we went through with it. Except now I can't wait to leave work each day even more because I know I'm rushing home to my two little furbabies!

In other (and more important) news, my Uncle Larry's surgeries have been scheduled for Monday, March 17th and Wednesday, March 19th, at last report. Thanks to all who've asked about him. It's always a little scary going into these things, but I know everything will work out, and I know how blessed we all are that things have worked out the way they have.

Josh is home from Purdue for spring break (while all of his friends are in Cancun... he's a sad little guy) and I got to hang out with him some yesterday when I went home for the day to visit with the parents and introduce them to Zoey. He brought his road bike down from school, so we're going to try to fit in a couple (probably more like one) rides this week and coming weekend. Looking forward to breaking my bike out for spring... whoo hoo!

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