Saturday, March 15, 2008

Insane Couple of Weeks Ahead, Folks...

Monday, March 17th
-Uncle Larry's first of two surgeries
-Gearry's 26th birthday & St. Patrick's Day celebration

Wednesday, March 19th
-Uncle Larry's open heart surgery

Saturday, March 22nd
-Volunteering for the IU women's rowing home regatta

Wednesday, March 26th
-Praxis I exam (BIG DAY... four hour test that is pretty much the only thing standing between me and grad school.)

Saturday, March 29th
-Volunteering for last IU women's rowing home regatta

Ummmm... those are just the big standouts. Between working, volunteering at the animal shelter, studying and taking care of the furbabies, life is most definitely going to be a bit crazy. I'll try to update as much as possible, but no guarantees!

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Marla Alexander said...

OOOh! I wish you luck with your PRAXIS. I took the GRE twice... No human being should be subjected to that kind of pressure two time in a row. You'll kick butt I KNOW it! I'll be thinking about you for sure! :) xoxo