Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Merry Young-Caudell Christmas

Christmas has already come and gone... incredible!

Going on a severe lack of sleep over the last few days, I don't think I am going to force myself to sit here and write down every detail of the holiday. But I will say that it was wonderful getting to spend time with all of my family, and I'm sad that it is already over with. Gearry had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I didn't get to see him nearly as much as I wanted to, but we tried to make the best of our limited time together. It was the first time I didn't wake up in my parents' house on Christmas morning, but waking up in my own house with Gearry was a pretty cool feeling.

I hosted Hillary's bachelorette party in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, and it turned out great. I think everyone had a great time... I know I did, despite being very nervous about how everything would turn out. There were about 9 girls, including Hillary and me, and we started the night at O'Shaugnessy's Public House, a great restaurant where I actually asked Hillary to be my Maid of Honor a couple years ago! After dinner we headed back to the hotel where I'd booked a room for all of us and enjoyed some games, cake and beverages, and Hillary opened her gifts. Around 11:00, we finally headed out for the night, hitting up Mynt Ultralounge, where I had arranged for a little VIP service. We had a roped off section where we could sit and chill and some champagne waiting for us upon arrival. We went to the club for Hillary's birthday back in October and she loved it, so I knew it'd be a hit. We all crawled into bed relatively early -- we were asleep before 2:00 -- the sign of a crazy but good night.

Monday and Tuesday flew by in a rush of Christmas festivities, and now I'm already thinking about this weekend, the big wedding! Gearry and I leave for Ohio tomorrow... I am working 12-hour shift today so that I can get out of here early tomorrow, and tonight is going to be filled with laundry, packing and -- hopefully -- a nice, long run to relax a bit. Lots and lots of stuff to do! I'm excited for Hillary and Chris, though, and excited that Gearry and I actually get to spend three days together, even though it's going to involve quite a bit of running around. I'm happy to do it, though. Hillary has been such a good friend... she deserves the best!

Ahhhhh, crazy crazy crazy! I will update next week when I get back from Ohio and things are all settled once again. If I don't make it before New Year's, have a very happy end of 2007 and an even happier beginning of 2008!

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