Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Day on the Horizon

Tomorrow is Thursday, which is quickly becoming my only truly happy day of the week, as I actually get to spend some time with Gearry! I’m going to come into work as earlier as possible so that I can leave as early as possible, so that I can maximize Stacey & Gearry date night! We’re planning on enjoying some jazz and grub at Jazz at the Station, since they’ve been begging Gearry to come in and eat since he left. I got to stop in and check the place out a couple weeks ago while Gearry picked up his last check, and it was gorgeous. It’s located in an old train station (hence the name) and still has the beautiful old hardwood floors and detailing. Low light, live jazz, very romantic.

Other happy news: I am finally finally finally getting a road bike! After talking about it all summer and sadly realizing I needed to funnel my money into other things (like, uh, bills?) at the time, it never happened, and I was pretty bummed since I had been keying myself up for a sprint triathlon. But now that Gearry is working and things are back on track, I decided to start looking for a nice entry-level bike. I told pretty much everyone I saw, in case someone knew about a gently-used one I could look into. Low and behold, all that yakking to everyone served me well, because I found out my friend Carly was interested in selling her OCR 3, since she never rode it much. It has low mileage and she took good care of it, so I’m pumped! I’m looking forward to picking it up next week, although it kind of stinks that it is December and I can’t do a ton of riding for the next couple months (although I have lots of warm spandex and under-armour, so don’t be surprised if you see be spinning around in the frigidness!). But at least I’ll be ready for next season and hopefully spend some of the weekends taking on some sprint tri’s!

And, Kath, since I know you are reading this as you take a well-deserved break from your horrendous graduate school applications, may I remind you once again that I am having dinner with Afra tonight? Okay, just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten. Thanks. (I love you, Kath!)