Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wedding Month

I can honestly say that this is the first wedding season in 4 years that I have been able to participate in. Since I've been working in the restaurant business for nine years, I haven't been able to have many weekends off for weddings. I had forgotten about the smell of the fresh flowers, the anticipation of the ceremony, parents of the bride and groom waiting to release their children into the world of marriage, but most importantly those magical moments that the bride and groom feel about ten minutes before the ceremony starts. Those last ten minutes are the most emotional because you remember all of the reasons why you chose to ask each other on the first date, when and how you proposed to her, and in my case remembering all of the written letters and special dates we've experienced.

I am so happy and sad for all of our old high school friends getting married because we can spend the happiest day of their lives so far with them. However on a sad note, this also means that they are growing up and moving on with their lives. I would like to say that we were just so happy to spend that special day with them.

Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!

- Gearry

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