Saturday, July 21, 2007

Great News, Great Day!

Big news here in the Young-Caudell household: I finally landed my job! Well, so long as I pass the drug test I took yesterday but, trust me, there shouldn't be any problems! I had another interview on Tuesday and received the call on Friday for a position at AuthorHouse, an international book-publishing company headquartered here in Bloomington. This was my top choice organization to work for, so I am very happy. They have to get me trained pretty quickly because of an employee who is leaving at the end of next week, so I actually start on Monday, my birthday! I don't mind though; finally having this piece of mind and this responsibility to look forward to is a good birthday present.

In celebration of the job news and of my birthday (I will turn 23 on Monday but I will be working all day) today is an official Stacey Day. Gearry woke me up this morning with french toast and omelets from our clubhouse here at Eagle Pointe. We ate it out on our back porch (which looks fantastic now that it's done, by the way!) and enjoyed some iced coffee. Next on the agenda is a trip to town for some shopping... Gearry is obviously doing whatever I want today since shopping is probably the last thing on his list of things to do for a great time. I'm not a huge shopper myself, but I'm mostly excited about getting some cute new clothes for work. This afternoon we plan on hanging out down by the lake, laying out and swimming and such. And this evening we have a 7:00 reservation at one of our favorite restaurants, the Story Inn in Story, Indiana.

- Stacey

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