Thursday, April 16, 2009

I see the sun!

For real... that big, bright, shining thing in the sky! I was beginning to think it no longer existed. I've had enough of April showers to last for awhile... I am loving this first sunny, semi-warm day in seemingly ages! Birds chirping, buds on the trees, dandelions everywhere, me not in 20,000 layers of clothing. I like it.

As usual when it is remotely nice outside, I am camped out on the back porch working on a term paper and a visual response journal for my art class. Thought I'd share a pic of my favorite work station, as well as my newly shortened hair.

I had to have an "emergency" hair cut this morning because I haven't had my hair cut since December (whoops, so much for that ideal 6 weeks between cuts) and I got a call on Tuesday that I had an interview TODAY for student teaching at Lakeview. My shaggy mop was not going to work, so luckily I squeezed in a cut this morning between practice and my interview. The interview went great! The principal and I talked teaching for awhile and then by the end it had turned to sports, so I left feeling a lot better than when I went in. I definitely got the placement, so this fall I'll be teaching a five minute walk from my house... love it! It is the same school where I volunteered during undergrad, so I really like the vibe there, the staff, and the kids.

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BeckieandMichael said...

Congrats on the placement-very exciting!