Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is it Christmas Yet?

Hmmmm... Know how I said I needed to spend all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on various final papers and projects for school? Well... I didn't. And I am paying for it today with a hellacious, labor-intensive Sunday. But that's my own fault. Nevertheless, today's post is short.

Gearry and I had a great day yesterday. After Gearry went for a run and I finally got out of bed, we went to town to grab a few things, chiefly among them Christmas tree ornaments! Thanks to Gearry being decisive (since I am the queen of indecisiveness) we finally walked out with a variety of brown bulbs (glittered, dark brown, light brown, textured, milk chocolate brown), which fit right in with our usual decor and look very subtle and awesome on the tree!

We even played Christmas music while we decorated. Cheesy greatness! Later we watched a movie (a great documentary I've been waiting on to come out on DVD, Spirit of the Marathon), took the puppies for a long walk, made some tasty dinner (nothing like grilling out in November) and capped the night off with the second in the Jason Bourne trilogy that we bought a few weeks ago. A lot more sitting on my butt than I'm used to, but it was a nice, relaxing day.

And today... Well, let's move past today. Eww.

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