Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Asa: 2 of 3 and Counting!

I just received the e-mail from Shannon in regards to Asa, and a new pic:

"Hi. No news is good news. Asa has been doing well, not much to report until today. He's been able to regulate his own body temp so tonight he moved out of his isolette and into a basinette. He (Thank God and keep praying) has not had respiratory problems. Two of the three requirements for him to go home have been and are being successfully met. (Maintaining body temperature and no respiratory problems) The third is for him to gain weight by eating without his feeding tube. He is working diligently on that. The nurse and doctor spoke with me today about preparing to bring Asa home. If Asa keeps at the rate he is going, they estimate that he may be able to come home next week! Eating is tiring because, technically, he shouldn't be using these muscles for another 5 weeks so he is working hard to develop the coordination for it and he doesn't have the body weight to draw energy from. It may take him a bit longer, but he is doing SO well that they wanted me to be mentally as well as physically prepared for him to come home. WOW! We can't wait! Love, Shannon"

Wow... I can't believe how well he is doing and how quickly he is progressing! From the first few days of learning about the issues with the pregnancy, during which the whole family was praying and just hoping for the best, all the way to this. Incredible.

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