Sunday, June 26, 2011

House Crashers.

Well, our lender scheduled the closing on our house for this coming Wednesday. HOWEVER, repairs/construction MUST be done before we can close. It is Sunday night as I write this, and not only is construction not done, but it hasn't even begun! SO FRUSTRATING. Supposedly they will be starting very soon, but I'm beginning to think their idea of "soon" and our idea of "soon" are two very different things.

So, as we have to be out of the guest house we are renting on Wednesday, yet have no house to go to, we are on to Plan B. That means tomorrow evening, we'll finish every last bit of packing (we're almost done), Tuesday evening we will pack it all into a U-Haul and take it to our storage unit and unpack it (or, if we're really lucky, the bank that owns the house will give us permission to store our stuff in one room of the house, but so far we're not having much luck with that). I'm taking off work on Wednesday and will spend much of that day getting the guest house cleaned and in top-top shape for the walk-through with our landlord.

So, where are we going, you ask? All I have to say is thank goodness for all of the wonderful people in our life. When you live 750 miles away from your family, it is truly a blessing to have friends that step into that family role. Gearry and I just got back from touring the house of a St. Andrew's friend who I worked with this year in the after-school program. She is 73 years young and best described as a hilarious, sweet, southern belle. She is a true islander, having lived on Wilmington Island her entire life. She has very graciously offered her house here on the island to us for the next couple of weeks, while we wait out the repairs of our new house. She doesn't spend much time there so we won't be much of an inconvenience, she is welcoming the puppies with open arms, and her house is an adorable cottage right on the water on our favorite part of the island -- win, win, win. It was amazing walking out on her dock with her tonight and being able to look across the marsh and see Skidaway Island, Wassaw Island, Cabbage Island, Little Tybee Island, and Tybee Island. Although I desperately wish we were moving into our house on Wednesday, I am definitely excited and thankful that we get to stay in such a wonderful home in the meantime. It also works out perfectly that we are not homeless because my good friend Katie from grad school is coming into town from Chicago to visit with us on Thursday and staying through the 4th of July... I am so glad we don't have to host her in a random hotel room somewhere, which is where we would be without such wonderful friends!

The house we are staying in does not have internet, so I will be online much less than normal for the indefinite future, for those of you who I regularly communicate with via e-mail, Facebook, etc. So, if I don't respond to you after Wednesday, I'm not ignoring you.

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