Monday, October 11, 2010


I can cautiously (very cautiously), sort of, kind of, with much hope and fingers crossed say that after being sick since the last couple days of September and all of October thus far, yesterday saw me back to something resembling my normal self, thanks to some encouragement from co-workers to go see a doctor. I am not the type of person that goes to the doctor for a cold, but after 10+ days of dealing with the sore throat, headache, body aches, sweating, etc., I was not about to let one more weekend get away from me. As I assumed, I had developed a secondary bacterial infection from whatever virus I started out with, which needed the aid of some trusty antibiotics to be banished. I visited a walk-in clinic on Friday (haven't picked out a doctor or dentist yet in Savannah), started a round of antibiotics, and was already feeling better by Saturday evening, and much better by yesterday. I've still got some conjestion/yucky feeling stuff going on, but I think I am finally on the up-and-up and was able to mostly enjoy the weekend.

Still not feeling well on Friday, we canned our plans for a sunset walk & dinner on Tybee and instead made pizza & watched a movie at home, in hopes that the extra rest would keep me going for Saturday. I woke up on Saturday feeling better -- not great, but better -- which was a good thing since it was finally time for Pirate Fest! Gearry and I put our two fabulous brains together and decided to cart our bikes out to Tybee for the afternoon parade so that we could park at the less-busy far north end of the island and then ride our bikes down to the more-crowded south end where the parade was. This proved to be a great idea. We enjoyed a little ride through the island, found a good viewing spot just across from Sting Ray's and Social, and enjoyed watching the various pirate ships and pirate-themed floats come by. (Although the experience was somewhat dampered by the hoard of bead-and-candy-hungry children who had no concept of personal space and no parents apparently willing to correct them who kept standing in front of us and running in the street in front of vehicles to procure the items of their fancy... I was truly afraid that if a piece of candy inadvertantly landed on my shoe, my foot would have been plucked clean off before I could react.) Afterwards, we hopped on our bikes and rode the parade route backwards, since it was still closed to regular traffic, making it all the way back to our car on the north end in five minutes flat. Biking is the way to go, man.

Some lunch at home, some college football, and a short nap provided the fuel to head back out to the island in the evening for round two. We visited the Tybee Island Social Club (just "Social" to most) for dinner for the first time and were pretty impressed. The vibe itself is awesome... We sat outdoors under an open-beamed porch roof laced with white lights, listening to a great live band (reminded us a lot of a grittier Eric Clapton, ala Sessions for Robert J) and watching college football on the giant projection screen. The food was also pretty good. The concept is a little unique in that you order at a counter and then select a table, and the food is then delivered to you. You can leave an open tab at the counter so that subsequent drinks or desserts and such can be added. We started with some really good homemade tortilla chips and queso, followed by a duck taco for Gearry and a veggie taco for me (not really tacos in the traditional sense... they are served in thick, handmade shells more like a pita) and sides of sweet potato fries. The best part of the meal, however, was undoubtedly the $2 Red Stripe tall boys.

After dinner, we walked down to Strand, where the tents had been erected for the Pirate Fest activities. Just moments after we started walking through the crowds, checking everything out, a random (obviously very drunk and probably hopped up on other things) guy ran up and punched this other guy in the face hard enough to send him flying to the sidewalk (and into Gearry, who smashed his beer all over my legs). As far as I can tell, it was completely random and we tried to stay out of it and let the guy and the friends with him work it out, but I have to say it definitely put a little damper on the rest of the evening. Angry drunk people are the absolute worst. If drinking makes you feel like you need to punch people in the face, uhhhh, you probably shouldn't drink?? We were a little weirded out and decided to get out of there for a bit, walking up to the pier to enjoy a quiet moment away.

Our intention for coming that evening, a concert by Eddie Money, began at 9:00 and we found a prime spot on the beach to enjoy the show. Wearing only a dress and still not 100%, I started getting really chilly as the night wore on, so we only made it to 10:00 before we headed home, but I did get to hear him perform one of my favorite songs, "Take Me Home Tonight," before we left, so I was satisfied with the day.

Sunday was a day of relaxation on the beach, grateful for the mid-80s temperatures and perfectly sunny skies. I read about 150 pages of my new book, so I'll call that a success. Today, Monday, is Columbus Day, which I have off but Gearry does not. I'm trying to get some work done (transcription for the IU researcher I work for, plans for my master's thesis/final project) and have successfully procrastinated for over half an hour by writing this blog entry ;) It's so gorgeous out, I'm tempted to take the puppies to Forsyth Park and do a little reading, but I'm conflicted in my need to be productive and yet enjoy the holiday off. Looking forward to a bike ride with Gearry this evening and to a busy week ahead preparing for another camping trip to Jekyll Island this coming weekend AND... Mom & Dad visiting the following weekend!!!

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