Monday, September 13, 2010

45 Days Without a Microwave

This post could have been titled "45 Days in Georgia," but as I really have been living here the entire 45 days without a microwave, I thought this title would present a nice opportunity to brag about such an exploit (I've been wanting to go sans-microwave for a long time) and a change of pace from the very-much expected "45 days in Georgia" or "45 Days in Savannah" or perhaps even "45 Days of Surviving Mosquitoes the Size of My Hand." Our microwave in Indiana was built into our kitchen and so we had to leave it. We could have simply bought one here for the guest house, but what a perfect opportunity to see if we could do without it. And we have. It really makes you think about what you're eating when you can't just toss it in the microwave and nuke it.

Almost all my complaints about Savannah in these first 45 days are bug-related. For instance, the GIANT palmetto bugs (i.e. coastal cockroaches) that somehow find their way into the tiniest nooks and crannies and into your house They are pretty much unavoidable and everyone finds them in their houses here from time to time, no matter how nice. But I am not exaggerating when I say some of them are the size of my middle finger and I've let out a few screams when I have walked into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and HELLO, CREEPY LITTLE FRIEND! I think I have already complained in at least one post on here about the mosquitoes (I found some organic bug lotion that is working pretty well, but it stinks SO bad that I can't put it on unless I have time to shower before going somewhere... It really turns me into a walking citronella candle). They are insatiably hungry little suckers! And, last but not least of the unholy trio, are the red ants! They are everywhere... You really can't walk in the grass without stepping into a pile of the little punks and suffering some painful bites up and down your feet and ankles. While the palmetto bugs are inevitable no matter what, my hope is that with the slightly cooler weather that is coming soon the mosquitoes and ants may back off. I have my doubts.

But enough about bugs, insects, and such. How bout these cute seagulls? A group of them wouldn't leave us alone at the beach on Saturday (that's what I get for dropping a single lime tortilla chip) and I used the opportunity to get some cool close-up shots. "The beach" has pretty much become our home away from home, which was only to be expected. We spend at least one day of the weekend there, sometimes two, mostly reading, lounging, napping, doing a little boogie boarding, and taking long walks. There is something so naturally soothing about being by the water, listening to those crashing waves that have been crashing since who knows when and will continue to crash until who knows when. Sitting there in our beach chairs with Gearry, with a cold drink and a good book, I want for absolutely nothing in the world. Even though we both have crazy work weeks, when the weekend rolls around it still feels very much like vacation.

My work at St. Andrews is still going great. I have been subbing a LOT in addition to my regular daily Sundowners hours, every day but one in the past two weeks. I'm still so happy that I was able to carve out a little space of my own in such a school and hope that it will become bigger as time goes on. I will be teaching P.E. for all grades in the lower school (3 years old through 4th grade) from Sept. 22nd through Oct. 12th and met with the current teacher today to go over plans and ideas for the stint, so I'm pumped for that experience.

Gearry is wrapping up his first quarter at the Culinary Institute this week. He is ready for a much lighter fall-quarter schedule, including every evening at home for the first time in our marriage. We've both decided we're probably going to get sick of each other, but we're OK with that. It's the little things that excite us.

Another thing that's exciting us is that we have visitors coming in a few weeks! Aunt Veneita, Uncle Gary, and Chris and Michelle will be in town the weekend after next for a couple of days preceding Chris's Half-Ironman in Augusta, and we can't wait to spend time with them!

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