Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back at it!

I've decided to start keep up with the blogging again. I always go in spells... This last long "off spell" was brought upon by the fact that most of the people who read the blog are now Facebook friends and I felt I was keeping everyone pretty well updated that way. But, as I've had several people ask me to start posting again, I am going to make an effort.

Yesterday, while looking for a picture that had been erased from my computer but I knew was posted somewhere on the blog, I started reading some of the past entries from the three years the blog has been in action. It was such a cool experience to re-live some of the best (and even worst) moments from the last three years and I realized that the blog is not just for others... In some ways, it is even more for Gearry and me, like a diary, a record of the various chapters of our lives as we saw them at that point in time.

So... Look for more posts soon.

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