Friday, February 20, 2009

And she returns... briefly...

I don't have any time to update this thing regularly this school year, as you all well know. Plus, even if I did, it would pretty much say the same thing every day: "Today I went to class, coached, studied, ate, and slept." So maybe it's a good thing I don't have time to update...

But I DID get really excited this afternoon when I booked Gearry's and my summer vacation flights and accommodations and wanted to share the awesome pictures of where we'll be staying, even if it means I'm not doing the lesson-planning/paper-writing/researching I should be doing right now. We're headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 7 nights, 8 days in mid-to-late June, just to relax and have fun and celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary (can you believe it?!). I can't wait! I have never before needed a vacation this badly!

We rented a one-bedroom condo -- we generally go the condo route when traveling, rather than a hotel, because we like having a kitchen and a little more space -- on Playas Gemelas (Twin Beaches), with a view of Los Arcos, one of Puerto Vallarta's well-known landmarks (a rock formation in the ocean that includes several small islands offering reefs, tunnels, caves, and arches and is known as a haven for a wide variety of sea life, from sharks and rays to octopus, sea turtles, and lots of fish). Gearry and I went snorkeling on our honeymoon in Key West and had a great time, so we're excited to take advantage of this awesome snorkeling opportunity.

South Beach of Playas Gemelas

Pool at Night at Our Condo, Looking Down from Balcony

Los Arcos at Sunset, from Balcony

Condo Balcony, View of Los Arcos in Distance

Inside Condo, Looking Out

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