Saturday, August 18, 2007

How I Spent My Summer

You know those essays teachers make you write or those speeches they make you give the first day back-to-school? The ones titled, "How I Spent my Summer?" Well, this is the first end-of-the-summer in about eighteen years that does not mean the beginning of the school year for me. It's a little sad, a little nice. Nevertheless, I thought I'd still give you my "How I Spent my Summer" in the form of a picture:

Hammock, lake, book, bare feet. Yeah, it was a fantastic summer. Living at the lake has turned out as great as we had thought it would be. Although -- to be honest -- we actually spent the majority of my summer wedding planning, getting moved into our house, doing projects on the house, and working, we tried to make as much time as possible to hang out down by the water, swim, read, and otherwise just enjoy the outdoors around our new place. The picture above is probably the epitome of happiness for me, if Gearry was on one side of me and Colby on the other. The hammock, of course, is not that big ;)

So, while we are talking about happy feelings and happy days, I guess I should finally reveal my great job news that I mentioned last post. I started working at AuthorHouse on July 23rd. While I didn't get the position I really, really wanted (I found out later they hired internally, so that made me feel better) I did get hired for a different position. Although not in my desired realm of copy writing/copy editing, I was very thankful to essentially get my foot in the door. Last Friday, however, I got the shock of my life when the head of the promotions department called me into her office and... offered me the position I have wanted all along!

Turns out that when the position opened up again (the person they hired had to be promoted to a slightly different role) the head of my department had approached her and told her that I would be a great candidate and that he thought I would be much happier in that role (the one I am currently in is transitioning into a much more hardcore-sales role... definitely not me at all!). He is a great guy who really helped me out getting into AuthorHouse and who knew all along that a writing/editing position is what I really wanted. I can't think him enough for his unselfishness and for looking out for me. Once he told her it was OK to ask me if I was still interested in the position, she jumped on the opportunity, which made me feel really good. Of course, I said "yes." That whole foot-in-the-door approach definitely worked for me... a LOT faster than I ever imagined!

I begin my new role on September 4th, writing full-time as a Press Release Specialist. About 90% of my time will be spent writing press releases for our upcoming books. The other 10% will be spent peer-editing and working with authors to make any changes they see fit to the writing. If you are not into writing or English, this probably sounds super-lame. For me, however, it is perfect.

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